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  1. Copied data from this web site shall not be used.
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  3. Any action, which might mislead visitors of your web site into thinking the product is of your own, is prohibited.
  4. Use of layout / design, which bears a close resemblance to or may be mistaken for TEIN, TEIN USA and TEIN UK web site, is prohibited.
  5. Use of domain name, which might be mistaken for that of the shop directly owned by or operated by TEIN, is prohibited.
    Example:, etc.


  1. Please use only the product image / logo data provided by TEIN. Only for product image, you may use pictures you took of the actual products you have purchased.
  2. Please put TEIN logo mark on your site.
  3. Please clearly note that you have been approved by TEIN to use the copyrighted materials.
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  5. Please clearly state that your shop/company is an authorized TEIN dealer.


Authorization to use the data from TEIN web site might be granted, at the sole discretion of TEIN, in case you wish to use the data for purpose not mentioned above.


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