Privacy Policy

Bacic Policy

TEIN, INC. is well aware of its social responsibility for and committed to protecting customer's personal data/information, which are necessary to operate business. We make strong company-wide efforts to enforcing 'privacy policy'.

Collection, Use and/or Disclosure
TEIN, INC. shall only collect personal information in fair manner for the purpose of providing its products and/or services to customers, and use such collected information only for specified boundaries. TEIN, INC. shall NOT disclose any personal information to a third party under any circumstance without customer's prior consent.
TEIN, INC. shall manage and protect personal information properly by taking appropriate security measures against loss, destruction, falsification, disclosure, leakage and illegal access.
Observance of Laws and Regulations
TEIN, INC. shall comply with all laws, regulations and guidelines concerning the protection of personal information in order to protect customer's personal information.
TEIN, INC. may entrust personal information to its agents, partners and/or affiliates only to the extent reasonably necessary for providing products and/or services to customers. In such case, TEIN, INC shall take all appropriate and necessary measures, including but not limited to entering into contract with and/or monitoring such company, to manage and protect customer's personal information.
Disclosure, Correction and/or Removal
If the customer wishes to request disclosure, correction and/or removal of his/her personal information, please contact TEIN, INC.
Maintenance and Improvement
TEIN, INC. shall make appropriate and necessary efforts to provide employee education about and monitor the implementation of privacy policy, and to review and improve internal regulations and control, in order to protect and manage customer's personal information properly.
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