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Type HG is designed for rally and / or dirt trail racing. It meets the demands of any road surface with its individual compression / rebound damping force adjustment, and ride height adjustment. Utilizes a twin-tube design, and is constructed with steel for additional durability on rough courses. In order to prevent aeration that can diminish performance, a unique free piston was adapted in the construction of the HG. Developed from TEIN's extensive experience gained in Rally competitions and support.
Additional Features:
  • Steel Construction for added durability
  • Twin Tube internal construction
  • Ride Height adjustable via adjustable spring seats
  • 16 × 16 way adjustable dampers, compression and rebound separately adjustable
  • External reservoirs for additional oil capacity and increased stroke
  • 3 stage powder coat
  • Some applications utilize large diameter spring seats which allows both OEM and aftermarket springs to be used
  • 1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty
  • Available for Overhaul
Contents of Damper Kit:
  • Adjustable Shock Absorber × 4
  • Main Spring × 4
  • Upper Spring Seat Included in some applications
  • Lower Spring Seat × 4
  • Seat Lock × 6(8)
  • Bump Rubber × 4
  • Hook Spanner × 2
  • Instruction manual
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