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Specialised HG Damper

Type HG " Specialised Damper "

To meet the increasing demand of Type HG dampers, we are now open to extend Type HG line-up under specialised damper programme.

Type HG is designed for rally use with separate functions of compression/rebound damping force adjustments and ride height adjustment.

It is a custom built damper, therefore your damper can be designed, more exactly for what you want


Make Model Chassis Code Guide price Note Photo
FORD FOCUS FOCUS 3,070.00 Rally use
HONDA CIVIC FD1 2,880.00 Rally use  
HONDA CIVIC TypeR FD2 2,880.00 Rally use
HONDA INTEGRA TypeR DC2 2,570.00 Rally use
PEUGEOT 206 206 2,930.00 Rally use  
PEUGEOT 307 307 3,050.00 Rally use
SUBARU IMPREZA GRB 2,890.00 Rally use
SUBARU IMPREZA GVB 2,890.00 Rally use
SUZUKI SWIFT ZC11S 2,880.00 Rally use
SUZUKI SWIFT SPORT ZC31S 2,880.00 Rally use
SUZUKI SX4 SX4 2,880.00 Rally use  
TOYOTA YARIS NCP91 2,880.00 Rally use

*Guide price is as of Sep 2011, this may be changed by exchange rate at the time of quote.
*Guide price shown is included 4 suspensions only; springs, top mounts or other optional products, if required, are sold separately
*Production lead time varies, approx 1 or 2 months

<<Optional parts>>

Products Guide price Qty
Pillow top mount (SA) 180.00 1 Pair
Pillow top mount (ST-1way) 200.00 1 Pair
Pillow top mount (ST-2way) 720.00 1 Pair
Rubber top mount (SA) 360.00 1 Pair
Rubber top mount (ST) 130.00 1 Pair
Height Adjust System (small) 110.00 1 PC
Height Adjust System (large) 160.00 1 PC
S/P ADAPTER 40.00 1 PC
Side Layout Click 90.00 1 PC
Bracket 20.00 1 PC
Pillowball type eyering 90.00 1 PC
Drop Link 60.00 1 PC
Camber Washer 70.00 2 PC
Spring 160.00 1 PC

*Guide price is as of Sep 2011, this may be changed by exchange rate at the time of quote.

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