STRADIA series

A characteristic seat design that realizes easy boarding/exiting and holdability

The STRADIA series, which has undergone its first full model change in about 15 years, is a new generation of reclining seat created with BRIDE's original idea in mind: to combine the hold performance required for circuit driving with the convenience and comfort for daily use. From the design, body shell and frame to the cushion, and reclining mechanism, BRIDE is a newly designed flagship model created with 40 years of cultivated experience and technology in the motor sports scene.



BRIDE's new flagship model. A new-generation reclining seat that combines a high level of holdability and convenience.

STRADIAIII has a newly designed monocoque body shell with a bone frame designed by 3D-CAD. In addition with a newly designed reclining mechanism.

What's more, a belt hole for a 6-point harness has now been installed on the back of the seat, which uses a specially designed high-density urethane foam for its seat and thigh cushions.

A new-generation reclining seat that combines the holdability required for circuit driving with the convenient and comfort required for everyday use at a high level.

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Silver FRP shell Silver FRP shell STRADIAIII Gradation Logo Standard cushion G71GMF £1920
14kg Flame retardant fabric
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